1 Table. 100 Guests. Countless Conversations.

The table; it’s where we share everything. The bounty of our land. The stories of our lives.

It’s where we celebrate, educate and sometimes just pontificate. It’s where great food is savoured, great conversations are had, and great friends and often life-long connections are made.

It’s also where discussions spark and ideas emerge - because everyone wants to bring their best to the table. And that’s exactly what we’re asking 100  individuals to do.

Willow Lane Barn

Setting the table – and the stage – for great conversations about Alberta.

Chef Plating

Conversation flows naturally around the table - we talk about everything from the food to the mood. From who we are, to where we come from, to where we’re headed.  Meet in the Middle is bringing together individuals, from farmers to flyers, storytellers to business builders... musicians, style-makers and bread bakers. All with the idea of sharing the best of our land – and the best of ourselves.


Bounty Beyond Oil

Our province is rich in resources - what we grow and produce here feeds the world. From our famous beef, to barley used by breweries across North America; what we show and create here attracts attention and investment far beyond our borders. Alberta is thriving, evolving - as diverse and daring as the engaging individuals we’re seeking to sit around our table.

Our Stories

Here are some of the stories of the Albertans around our table - from fields, kitchens, boardrooms, arenas and artist’s studios. These are the stories that incite conversations around our table; the stories of our journeys and experiences – lived, captured, and colourfully shared, here and at tables all over Alberta.

Our diversity is worth celebrating. So we are.

The best conversations happen when people sit down to share a meal together. Food is often the catalyst, but it's the imaginations, ideas, passions and personalities that get good conversations going - and keep them going.



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