Zinc Restaurant & Erdmann's Garden & Greenhouses

“Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and when you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life - Maya Angelo

The goal for “A seat at our table” is simple: to gather interesting Albertans together around a table to enjoy an amazing meal of locally grown Alberta food, engage in rich & deep conversation, and share the outcome while we celebrate our love of this land – linking it back to business & agriculture. It’s all about story telling - “A seat at our table” was designed to bridge the gap between urban and rural (farm/farmer), getting these two groups closer together, prompting consumers to ask more questions rather than making assumptions; but it’s became bigger than that – it evolved into everything “Alberta”. The economy, sports, arts, culture, travel, food, agriculture, philanthropy, talent.

In early November we set the table again bringing together 100 engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds to share the best of themselves over the best of what’s grown and raised here, engaging in conversation table at the Art Gallery of Alberta in downtown Edmonton.

The food was super creative and intoxicating, and the friendship were sure will last a lifetime, and the conversations came to the table from out there; from all across Alberta – and beyond. From the farmer’s fields, the chef’s kitchens, the boardrooms, the streets, the artist’s studio, the arena, the explorer’s camera. The stories that inform and incite the conversations at Alberta’s table. They are the stories of our journeys and our experiences – lived, captured, colourfully told and daily shared, here and at tables all over Alberta.

Located on the main floor of the Art Gallery of Alberta in downtown Edmonton, Zinc restaurant is a key player in the city’s arts and culture scene. Chef David Omar creates edible art using locally sourced ingredients, such as the fresh produce Ron and Wendy Erdmann bring every week to the nearby farmers’ market. #abtable

Are you ready to join in on the conversation? Pull up a chair at aseatatourtable.com