Wellington Hollbrook - a seat at our table

Wellington Hollbrook - a seat at our table

Our province is rich in resources – what we grow and produce here feeds the world. From our famous beef to barley used by breweries across North America; what we show creates here attracts and investment far beyond our borders.

And the best conversations happen when people sit down to share a meal together. Food is often the catalyst, but it’s the imaginations, ideas, passions and personalities that get good conversations going – and keep them going.

Conversations flow naturally around the table – we talk about everything from food to mood. From who we are, to where we come from, to where we’re headed.

The table; its where we share everything. The bounty of our land. The stories of our lives. Our diversity is worth celebrating. So we are.

A Seat at Our Table recently brought together 100 individual, from farmers to flyers, storytellers to business builders…musicians, style-makers and bread bakers.

It’s where we celebrated, educated and at times expressed ones opinions. We ate great food, enjoyed great conversations, and life-long connections were made. Its’ also where discussions sparked some big ideas  – because everyone brought their best to the table.