Deb and Mike Kaumeyer


"When we met, we both had an affinity for family recipes, and for keeping that alive. For being around the table. It was a real connection that Mike really wanted to pass on to the boys. We hosted a party about 4 days after we met. We met on June 21st, on summer solstice. The party turned out to be 25, 30 people. One of our friends came over and said, 'how long have you two been together?' and I said, 'I just met her last weekend!'

We've been together 10 years, and renovated this barn about 4 years ago - I talked to my dad about my idea just a few days before he passed away. We got married here last year, and we like the concept of breaking bread here. We want to do heritage stuff - jams, pickles - our thinking is that we can use this as an experiential place, that centres around food."