Wellington Hollbrook


“I lead a team of passionate people who are dedicated to helping support the success of Alberta’s entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers. My passion comes from having grown up in a family-owned business, which gave me a tremendous appreciation for the challenges entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Throughout my career, my understanding of those challenges has inspired me to want to make a bigger difference for those leaders in our communities who have taken a risk to build a business or run a farm. At ATB, I’m able to take that same passion and use it to help transform banking and make it work for people—whether you have a growing manufacturing business in Calgary or a family farm near Two Hills.
What makes the Business and Agriculture team I lead different than those at other financial institutions is that at the heart of our business are professionals who have an unwavering commitment to partner and build lasting relationships with businesses of all shapes and sizes in the communities we serve across Alberta. I’m excited about how we can use our unique understanding about what it takes to do business in Alberta to actually create happiness for our clients.
Like a fine-tuned guitar, which I enjoy playing in my free time, playing as part of our team is the most rewarding experience I could ask for.  I’m eager to continue using my passion for transforming banking to help build an even better Alberta!”