Brock Melnyk


“Being and investment advisor during the day takes up a lot of left brain power. Numbers, charts, dollar signs, projections, returns, etc. When I get home, my mind needs a balance. I’ve never been an artistic guy (I can royally screw up a stickman), but when I first started learning to cook it quickly became a passion.
It is a perfect balance for me. My concrete sequential mind loves the order and quantity of ingredients, while the creative side loves the experimentation. I love nothing more than to create a dish and share it with my friends and family. The local butcher knows us by name, as does the local grocer. Alberta has so much to offer, and so many local suppliers that you can create anything you want. My wife and I are constantly hosting dinners, having friends and family join us for everything from Thanksgiving dinner to a chilli and rib fest during Superbowl. There isn’t a day in the week at least one family isn’t joining us for a meal.
Our retirement dream is to open a little restaurant in the Okanagan where we can serve great food and wine in our sunset years. We’d be hosting all our friends and family anyway, might as well try and make a business out of it!”