Jennifer Cecconi


"My entire life has been in search of stories. From my passion in military history, to my career in the film festival industry, and even further to learning my own family’s heritage as a 7th generation Canadian, everything I do comes back to story. It comes back to relationships, old, new and now. I’m excited to take a seat at this table because at the core of what I love to do is to build relationships and develop our own story together. Sitting around a table has such history in it. Many battles fought, won, and lost have started around a table. Many ideas, innovations, and accomplishments started around a table. There are so many people who I would love to sit down at a table and talk with…Winston Churchill is one of those people. I’m fascinated by his devotion to history and the role he played in London and his impact on the world. I’d love to hear his reaction to what the world is like today. Another person I’d love to sit down and chat with would be Chris Hadfield. He has lived such an amazing life, is an amazing and engaging personality and I often wonder what is next for the most popular space man of our time. Imagine what he and Winston would talk about. "