Michael Brown


"I am a third generation Calgarian that has had the privilege to work on a number of projects that are helping to define the future Calgary. My career started with a leadership role at Calgary Economic Development, then joined the development team for the Bow building, and am now part of redeveloping East Village and overseeing the construction of the New Central Library.

On one side of me I would have a Professor that I had in University, C.B. Martin, he held a Doctorate in Philosophy focusing on Causality. On the other side I would want Maya Angelou. They both had very interesting ways of looking at the world.  I would want to talk through with them the challenges of today.Dr Martin had a way of cutting through the BS and getting to the rout of life's challenges. Where as Maya Angelou has  beautiful way of distilling life's challenges down to their raw basic form. I have always enjoyed people who help bring me clarity and perspective."