Mike Shields

As a film, TV, and media composer (a very rare breed in Alberta), you can usually find me staring into one screen or another.  My whole job is to bring emotion through music to whatever scenes are happening on those screens - whether it's a feature film, a TV show, a commercial, or helping a company or charity connect with the people they want to help most.  So, whenever I get the chance to step away from those screens, I've made it my mission of late to try to connect with actual people across the table of our choosing (and there are some wonderful spots in this province).  Although I understand the social media world we live in, nothing beats sharing a well made meal and a nice bottle with a "real" friend, new or old.  It's something I value the most, and I look forward to sharing some stories with you all soon!

ANd I'd like to be seated right next to Johnny Cash.  I'd have lots of questions.  Lots.