Amber Romaniuk


"I've always had an interesting relationship with food. Growing up I never realized the true importance of fresh produce from our gardens and local farmers growing our food and the details they put into it. After changing the way I ate and growing up in a farming community, I always had access to my grandmother's garden where I would shell peas leaving the pod on the stem, which didn't make her happy. So coming to a big city like Calgary from a farming community with no real idea of where to support local farmers. Finding the farmers markets here in Calgary and starting to shop, was exciting, then learning I could meet the farmers and the people growing my food, was even more exciting. I went from spending about 20 minutes at the market, to half the day, to catch up with vendors, ask them questions, to really find out how hard they work to grow our food. To hear things like how soil is replenished with nutrients, that crops are rotated, and why Lunds organic farms has the most flavorful carrots because of the healthy bacteria in the soil, was all amazing. Knowledge I could pass onto my friends and clients who are always seeking out better food. To hear the farmers stories and share them is really important. To me, the importance is sharing why we need to support the local farmers by sharing their stories. Talking about how important the local farmers are, instead of the big corporations trying to take over that aren't producing as high quality of food. To share how the farmers tend their animals and treat them well, to share that they aren't injected with antibiotics and hormones and other toxins that we consume when we eat the meat is important for people to hear. It's important for people to understand how hard these people work to produce the best food for us. Because the more people know, the more they will support the local food community to keep it going. We need this food, it keeps us healthy and vibrant. And to encourage more awareness around farmers, and get people out to the farms, especially the kids and teenagers who have no idea where their food comes from. These are all important things that I want to share. It's so valuable for our community."