David Farran


"I'd love to have a conversation about value added farm to glass distilling and the potential for making Alberta a world class spirits producer. Alberta is the greatest grain producer in the world; why don't we produce more value added products?

As modern day farmers and horse farmers, a conversation with Jethro Tull* would be fascinating. A man who believed passionately in the science of agriculture, but was in an age where the horsepower was the only option, would have some amazing insights and opinions into modern day agriculture and food production. What would Jethro have to say about how far we've come in the science of Agriculture and where we are going in the future?"

*Jethro Tull (1674 - 1741). Jethro Tull is considered to be the father of modern agriculture, having invented the seed drill and methods of tilling the soil using horse hoes. Jethro's inventions and understanding of farming were the first to look at farming from a scientific approach and his ideas were considered part of the early age of enlightenment associated with the industrialization of England. His books revolutionized horse farming and underlined the importance of soil management.