Sara Leishman


I would love be seated next to Buffy Sainte-Marie. She is such and inspiring human being, who for years has been an innovator, educator and social activist, beyond being an incredible artist and musician. I would love to talk to her about her approach and philosophy in using technology to better the lives of Canada's First Nations population. I would particularly be interested in a project that she is working on that marries the building techniques and design of tipis with using modern materials to build comfortable and affordable housing.

I grew up in Calgary, connected to local arts- particularly with the music scene . It inspires me to see how entrepreneurial our artists, musicians, filmmakers and culture workers truly are. Nobody is waiting to be discovered- people are working hard and creating opportunities for themselves. A huge factor in creating unique artistic and cultural opportunities is though expanding the network- getting people involved from all walks of life. "A seat at our table" is an amazing way to meet other Albertans who bring different perspectives, and reaching beyond one's usual network to share ideas and get inspired.