Donna McTaggart


"With the emergence of social media, I co-founded Social Media Breakfast. This monthly gathering (SMByyc) has given the opportunity for social media enthusiasts in Calgary to meet on a regular basis, network and learn from each other.  From this experience I have seen the value of adding SOCIAL to events, fundraisers, conferences, etc.  and now consult with organizations on how to effectively add SOCIAL to maximize impact and reach.

As marketing has expanded from print, radio and television to social networks - there are many new tools available to organizations.  Egghead Labz provides technical training sessions for these tools.  

As technology moves beyond my imagination, I am jazzed by wearable tech, autonomous vehicles, virtual & augmented reality.  I would most like to sit down with someone whom I do not yet know.  That someone is probably now about 5 years old and technology is part of their everyday life. By the time that person reaches MIT, they will be living in projection mapped rooms and utilizing robots extensively.  My curiosities for that student will be focused on...  where their imagination is going next."