Rich Smith


I'm the Executive Director of Alberta Beef Producers, the democratic and representative organization that speaks and works on behalf of close to 20,000 cattle and beef producers in Alberta.  I am a second generation Calgarian who grew up in the city, but spent quite a bit of time in the country and chose agriculture for my career.  I believe that working in an industry that produces food is a noble calling and I am proud to contribute to feeding a hungry world.  My family and I have always been frequent and enthusiastic eaters of Alberta Beef and it is very pleasing to work for the organization that is the keeper of the Alberta Beef brand.  As someone working in the food industry, I welcome the chance to share food and conversation with others having the same passion for what is grown and raised here.
If possible, I would like to be seated next to Sir John A. Macdonald, our first Prime Minister.  While we shared food and a few or more drinks, I would like to hear about the trials, tribulations, wheeling, and dealing involved in building a country and building a national railway.