Janet Henderson

Account Executive - City Palate

I grew up on the prairies but spent time living in Japan and England.

I wanted a career working for an NGO in the developing world, helping people access clean water, food and medicine.  I ended up finding my true passion working in Alberta's ag and food industry.   I am inspired by our "starmers" - those rock star farmers who are dedicated, innovative and creative and the guardians of our food culture.

I am passionate about our AB Made ag and food stories and have had many careers in the industry connecting eaters, farmers and chefs.   I connect all the wonder that is Alberta, in my paid work and in my role as a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador and as a Director on the Slow Food Canada Board.  

I would love to "break bread" with food advocate and Chef Dan Barber from

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a farm and education centre located in New York to talk about the connections between the land, the environment and the food we eat.