Danny Ruzicka

Farmer and Farrier - Nature's Green Acres

I’m Alberta born and raised. I grew up on a mixed farm about 5 miles from where my family and I now live. My wife and I, with two small business; Ruzicka Farrier Service and Nature’s Green Acres, feel blessed to be in a province that is so rich with opportunity and support for entrepreneurs like us. We’ve raised some of the meat that will be enjoyed and bring to the table our perspective of making a living from the actual land of Alberta and the people within it.  

Not only do we work with the land, animals, and people of this great province; we also have taken up the monumental task of living off the land for a year. We either grow, raise, or forage for our food. If necessary we can barter or buy from another farmer what they produce. Nothing outside of Alberta. We have completely submerged ourselves in what this great province has to offer.