Michelle Lunty

Michelle Lunty - Bison Farmer

Born and raised in central AB, farming was always in her life, specifically dairy farming. However, after graduating high school, she remembers saying to her parents something along the lines of, "I'll never be back to the farm; I'm off to bigger and better things." Perhaps it's only after we don't have something, that we truly find out what we are missing.

So after 12 years away, she came back, and this time, to the beautiful species, 
Bison bison.

Together with her parents, her husband, as well as their two daughters, they run a bison cow calf operation, and every day feel blessed by what they do, and where they get to live (except for maybe those days the bison have jumped fences). 

Who she would love to have a beer with? Anyone that wants to learn about farm life and the importance of agriculture.