Andrea Harling

Andrea Harling - Made Foods in Calgary, AB

Originally from Toronto, Chef Andrea was fascinated with the culinary world at a young age where she learned to develop her own unique style and flair. She continued with her career at restaurants throughout Ontario, becoming an Executive Chef, at the age of 23. 

In 2009, Chef Andrea relocated to Calgary and began her Calgary culinary career with restaurants around the city including one of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants Brava Bistro. With a passion for making a difference in the lives of Canadians through a healthier and down to earth philosophy, Chef Andrea’s guests experience “truth in food” through her method of allowing the natural flavours of food to express themselves in her unique creations.

In June 2016, along with her brother Chef Jamie Harling, the TRIM (Teaching Responsible Ingredient Management) initiative was launched with the hopes of helping home and professional cooks reduce food waste and increase both creativity and food security by using all parts of food and ingredients already found in their kitchens. Chef Andrea believes that food does not need to be complicated to be extraordinary, and she accomplishes this by also placing the outmost importance of knowing where her ingredients come from. Her cuisine is globally inspired through locally acquired, premium, and seasonal ingredients. These ingredients are grown with integrity and the hearts from neighbouring farmers and these partnerships allow Chef Andrea to then focus on the unique flavour of each ingredient. 

Chef Andrea is the Vice President and Executive Chef of Made Foods, an exciting new company that prides itself on providing the accessibility of good quality and affordable food to everyone. Whether you are on the go, sharing a meal with your family or friends, or you want to plan your meals ahead of time, Made Foods will nourish your body and your soul with food inspired by community, friendship, truth and heart… not to mention, it is delicious.