Samath Rajapaska

Samath Rajapaska - Rajapaska Catering in Olds, AB

Samath "Sam" Rajapaksa was born in Sri Lanka, an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean. In his youth Sam was interested in the foods and flavours around him, and was strongly influenced by his mother who was an avid cook.

With a passion for food and an eagerness to explore the food around him, Sam decided that culinary training was the best route for him.  Sam embarked on a training program at the Mount Lavinia hotel, the oldest and most famous hotel in the country.  Mount Lavinia provided the perfect opportunity for Sam to continue to explore both regional and continental specialties.  Upon completion of his culinary training, Sam remained at Mount Lavinia for an additional two years before immigrating to Alberta, Canada .

With culinary in his heart, Sam settled in Olds Alberta, and set on completing his Red Seal certification. While working on his training here, Sam spent a few years early years In Alberta  in the restaurant industry learning about the nuances of Canadian business.  Now among other projects, Sam started his own catering company called Rajapaksa Catering. Sam is delighted to play with the great local foods from the area, and bring his own approach to the fresh ingredients available to him.  Sam has a very special way of cooking in a flavour forward manner.  With a vast experience in the kitchen and with exposure to a wonderful array of flavours and spices, Sam brings the full flavour to the table to truly delight the senses.