Cindy Fletcher

Cindy Fletcher - Potato Growers of Alberta in Taber, AB

Cindy was not raised on a farm, but was lucky enough to marry into a farm family and community. She was able to raise her three boys on a farm with wide open spaces, 4H, and plenty of chores to teach them good work ethic.  

She admires the fact that farmers choose to work alongside their family’s day in and day out, teaching them strong work ethic, and passing on their values from generation to generation.    The endless hours and great amount of pride, they put in as a family to produce healthy animals and crops to sustain their own, as well as consumer families never ceases to amaze her. 

Cindy works for the Potato Growers of Alberta and enjoys seeing their producers and their families put the same care and concern into turning out safe, healthy potatoes while being conscientious stewards of the land. Part of her position at the PGA that she enjoys the most, calls for her to communicate to consumers about how healthy potatoes truly are - They come from nature….of course they’re healthy!!  She really enjoys being an advocate for our growers and the potatoes they produce!