Chris Israelson

Chris Israelson - Commercial Cow/Calf Herd & Background Feeding Operation in Didsbury, AB

Chris and his  wife Stacey are raising the forth generation on their family farm at Didsbury. They operate a commercial Cow/Calf herd and Background feeding operation along with a ag service business focused in southern Alberta.  Chris graduated from Lethbridge College with a diploma in Animal Science in 2000.  After college he started an ag service business that today has grown to be a major complement to the cattle operation. Today he is continuing the work of the previous generation by progressing the sustainability of the cattle operation. They have developed controlled access summer and winter watering systems as well employing rotational and extended season grazing management. By maintaining ownership of cattle through to finish and harvest, it has enabled them to diversify marketing plans and gain a better understanding and respect for all levels of the beef value chain.

Chris has also gained an appetite for industry involvement and advocacy.  He is a director of Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) and the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA), He also sits as a member of the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) a national organization that directs and oversees a national research strategy.  Chris enjoys the roles that these organizations play in strengthening and advocating for a industry he is proud of.