Ivan Smith

Ivan Smith - Big Bend Bison Ranches in Penhold, AB

Ivan runs Big Bend Bison Ranches near Penhold, with the assistance of his dad Dennis.  He has been marketing and ranching bison since 1998, with his current herd numbering around 600.  As a well-known bison marketer in Alberta, Ivan travels throughout Alberta to purchase animals and market bison meat, selling meat as far away as the Territories.  In addition to working with his own animals, Ivan has worked with many producers who have come to appreciate his skill and understanding in handling bison and often call him the “Bison Whisperer” – a tag picked up by the media.  Not only does Ivan enjoy working with producers and bison, he cares deeply for the industry. He was a Director on the Board of the Bison Producers of Alberta from 2009 to 2015, serving as the Vice-Chairman from 2012 to 2015.  .  A strong supporter of the industry, he looks forward to the future success of both the BPA and the Canadian Bison Association.