Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams - Whiskey Creek Ranch in Hanna, AB

Rancher, wife, biologist and entrepreneur. Jesse Williams operates a beef cow/calf operation near Hanna, Alberta with her husband Clay called Whiskey Creek Ranch. Here they raise Angus Simmental cross commercial cattle on the Bullpound flat, a semi-arid dryland farming region in the Palliser Triangle. Native prairie and tame pastures are the bread and butter of cattle production in this region and sustainability is always top of mind in their operation.

To supplement their farm income, Jesse has a career as an Agricultural Fieldman for her municipality, Special Areas 2, where her role is to manage invasive weed and pest species across 2.34 million acres of land. Jesse received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Botany from the University of Calgary in 2012. She then worked for local research associations and agricultural chemical company Dow AgroSciences before earning her professional biologist status and moving to Hanna to ranch with her husband. In 2015 Jesse and her husband started an agriculture water services Company called Legacy Drilling, where they drill water wells, analyze water sources and provide livestock watering solutions to local producers.

Agriculture and science have always been a passion of Jesse's. She grew up on a small ranch in southern Alberta where she spent her childhood in the 4-H program, completing beef, horse, lamb and small projects in her 9 year 4-H career. Jesse takes immense pride in producing sustainable, safe, and nutritious beef to consumers around the world, and always welcomes discussion around agriculture.

Twitter: @WhiskeyCreek_AB