Assar Grinde

Assar Grinde - Blindman Beef and Bison in Rimbey, AB 

Assar Grinde was born and raised on a grass farm along the Blindman River near Rimbey, Alberta.  On land better suited to pasture than cultivation, he grew up moving electric fences daily, learning the benefits of intensive rotational grazing and that good grass-management can be the base of a successful livestock operation. 

Through his twenty’s, Assar studied geology and water resource management, worked in forestry and spent his spare time backcountry skiing and wilderness canoeing.  He had not planned on a career in agriculture, but the farm has a way of pulling you back, and he eventually realized his heart was in the land.

Since returning home to take over the management of Blindman Beef and Bison in 2012, Assar has sought out learning opportunities, challenged industry norms, and started a family.  Today he manages a herd of 300 beef cows, marketing calves raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Assar is passionate about finding solutions and middle ground.  He would like the public to be better informed, industry to be less defensive and for both to show some willingness to change.

He is currently serving as a delegate with Alberta Beef Producers.