Karin Schmid

Karin Schmid - Alberta Beef Producers

Karin grew up on a mixed farm near Keoma, AB, raising purebred Simmental cattle and grain. Currently Karin is still involved in the family operation to a limited extent. With a Master’s Degree in Agriculture from the University of Alberta, her thesis focused on the genetic and metabolic factors affecting feed efficiency in beef cattle. Before joining Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) five years ago, Karin spent just over four years with the Canadian Hereford Association as their Breed Development Coordinator.

At ABP, Karin is the Beef Production Specialist, providing technical support in the areas of cattle health and welfare, research, and production practices.  She works very closely with a number of industry and government organizations on issues of importance to the industry, and large part of her job is translating science to producers and explaining producer needs to researchers