Marie Willier

Marie Willier - WinSport Canada in Calgary, AB

Marie Willier is a first nation aboriginal from Sucker Creek, Alberta.  Marie grew up in the small hamlet of Faust, Alberta in Big Lakes County as the youngest of 3 children. Marie’s mother was worked in oilfield/construction camps as a cook, and using her knowledge she taught her children how to cook simple meals. When her mother was away working, her kokum (Cree spelling for grandma) took care of the children.  She would teach the children to hunt and would also take them wild berry picking. In learning the abundance of the land, Marie developed an appreciation for what comes from the earth, and how to work with what was provided.  

In her early 20's, Marie started to cook on her own.  After having her first child, Marie wanted to make healthier organic meals, and to use ingredients that weren't filled with preservatives.  She joined the WinSport team in the kitchen under the guidance and mentorship of Liana Robberecht, and is now working to broaden her culinary skills.  Marie brings the passion and learnings from her youth, along with the importance of healthy ingredients as she continues to have an appreciation for simple, wholesome ingredients, and healthy cooking.