Callandra Caufield

Callandra Caufield - Alberta Food Tours Inc. in Cochrane, AB

Callandra was born in Saskatchewan (with a large extended family of farmers), and moved to Canmore in her early teens. When she left home for university, her culinary knowledge (she didn’t even know how to boil an egg).

After working with various tourism & event companies, she joined the ranks of millennial entrepreneurs in 2009. Callandra ran a successful wedding planning company for eight years before making an intentional decision to leave the ranks of the ‘too busy’. In 2016 she sold her business, spent 10 days eating her way around Paris, and moved with her husband and two children to Cochrane, Alberta.  After a rather serendipitous phone call, she was delighted to join the team at Alberta Food Tours Inc. as the Operations Manager & food tour guide.

Callandra is passionate about the power of food. It nourishes our bodies, forces us to slow down, requires undivided attention, and is almost always the central element social gatherings. There is nothing like a sunny Saturday morning with a clean kitchen, a new cookbook, and fresh locally grown ingredients. Through guiding food tours, Callandra has delighted in learning the stories of those who grow, prepare and create with food in Alberta.  She takes great joy in sharing those stories and lessons with other Albertans and guests from around the world.

Now that she’s sorted out how to boil and egg, Callandra is carefully planning her first backyard garden.