Jordan Jolicoeur

Jordan Jolicoeur - Carvel Electric in Stony Plain, AB

Jordan  is the President & CEO of Carvel Electric- A family owned electrical company located in Stony Plain, AB owned by the proud Métis Jolicoeur Family. Carvel Electric was founded by father Sylvio in 1997 where Jordan and his older brother Joel would work evening and weekends learning the trade and the business. In 2013 After working throughout the province in many industrial and commercial settings, Jordan- A Entrepreneur at heart and a passion for business decided to take over the family company with only a pick up truck and a bag of tools.With a clear vision and  “hand shake approach” to business,In the four years as President Jordan and VP. Joel have grown Carvel Electric from a small residential service company to working with some of North America's Largest Railroads and Energy Companies.