Andrea Hardy

Andrea Hardy - Registered Dietitian and Co-Founder of Nutrition Academy in Calgary, AB

Nutrition Academy is an online school for Nutrition Professionals, as well as the public, to learn about practical nutrition - how to actually live and implement what nutrition evidence is telling us in a way that resonates with real-life.

Andrea created Nutrition Academy with her business partner, Susan Watson, as they found the resources that exist for supporting health professionals with practical nutrition education and business skills were far and few between!

As a private practice dietitian (Ignite Nutrition Inc.) she found that there had to be a way to share dietitian knowledge and expertise, in a way that supports growing a community of professionals, that can help one another develop into successful nutrition professionals whose messages get heard!

Her private practice, Ignite Nutrition Inc., provides focused online nutrition counselling in a variety of areas including IBS, weight management & developing a healthy relationship with food.

Twitter: @AndreaHardyRd

Instagram: @AndreaHardyRd