Darren Achtymichuk

Darren Achtymichuk - Grain Farmer in Vegreville, AB

Darren is a grain farmer near Vegreville, Alberta.  Together with his brother and parents, they farm approximately 6,000 acres producing wheat, oats, malt barley and canola.  Their farm utilizes a wide variety of farming technologies (including zero-tillage farming, GPS auto-steer and sectional control, GPS yield mapping, variable rate fertilizer applications, biotechnology, and the use of UAV drones) to help produce food in an efficient, sustainable manner.

Darren has a B.Sc and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and worked full-time as an engineer at a renewable energy firm for a few years before returning home to the farm.  He continues to practice as an engineer providing consulting services during off-peak times on the farm.

Darren and his wife Lindsay met through their shared love of Ukrainian dancing, and recently had their first daughter (Victoria).