Jacob Hoogland

Jacob Hoogland  - Seed Potato Farmer in Millet, AB

Jacob immigrated together with his family from the Netherlands in 1998 where they were also seed potato farmer since 1952. They saw a good opportunity in Alberta for seed potatoes, because of the low disease levels and high strength seed potatoes.

Jacob farms with his father and now grows 320 acre seed potatoes, 32 different varieties and 20 acre organic seed potatoes. They strictly focus on seed potatoes as they start them in the greenhouse and sell them 3-4 years later to other potato growers all over Canada and the USA, as far as Florida, Prince Edward Island and California 

He has been active with the Potato Growers of Alberta Board of Directors, where he just finished his 2nd term. He is vice chair of the Seed Potato Committee of Alberta and also Vice President of Edmonton Potato Growers in Edmonton. Jacob is also the rep of a ventilation company from the Netherlands.

So his passion is completely in the potato business. He sees a good future for the potato industry as it is a healthy and cheap food, but the industry needs to innovate in what the consumer is looking for.