Kayley Stenger

Kayley Stenger - Wrinkle & Crease Paper Products in Calgary, AB

Kayley has always been a letter write and stationery lover. From a young age she collected words, stories and lyrics that she loved, writing them in journals and books and sharing them with others. 

It was just something she did for fun, for her until my daughter Avalyn was born. She loved being at home with her and as maternity leave grew closer to an end she wasn't ready to go back to her former job. She remembers sitting in her rocking chair one night with her, singing her to sleep and she was thinking of all the things she would do in her life, of my dreams for her and all of a sudden realized the best way she could teach her to chase those was to do the same. She'd always wanted her own business, she just didn't know what it would be. She had the motivation now to find something and one night after shopping online looking for minimal, classic stationery and not being able to find anything in Canada she thought - she could do this. So she set out to learn everything she could about print and design (a steep learning curve for her), and began with just a few simple greeting cards. She sold them and has continued to create and grow over the last two years.