Ty Sears

Ty Sears - Mesabi Ranches Inc. in Nanton, AB

Ty grew up on a feedlot west of Nanton, AB. His dad’s family homesteaded here in 1910. His mother’s family also homesteaded just a few miles west of their place around the same time. His dad had 3 brothers. 3 of the 4 four brothers went into business together and started buying and feeding a few calves. To begin with, they fed a couple hundred and using buckets. From about 1980 to 2010 that company, Sears Ranches, grew from feeding a couple hundred calves to about 40,000 head over 4 feedlots. In 2010, his parents decided to separate from Sears Ranches and go their own way. The new company, Mesabi Ranches, was then on its own. Since 2010, Ty stepped in to take an active role in management of the feedlot. He married my wife Danielle in 2011 and started a family. They looked to expand their operation and currently are farming 20,000 ac in Saskatchewan, as well as operating a 5500 hd feedlot in Nanton, AB. Along the way he also started a heavy equipment rental company, Rapid Rentals. They continue to grow and their most recent venture, Tykro Forage Solutions, was started last year and has huge potential to change the way producers feed their cattle