Mike Stanfield

Mike Stanfield - Starr Distilling in Calgary, AB

ADHD is Mike's superpower.  Also called the Explorer's gene - this behavioral style features a restlessness and curiosity that has seen Mike live in three Canadian provinces (NS, BC & Alberta) and backpack through 36 countries with a goal of hitting 100.  Mike worked in the telecom industry when it initially deregulated and the recruiting / head-hunting business. He has interviewed 10,000 white collar professionals and can assure you almost none find much passion in their work. 

Starr Distilling is a longtime basement hobby that's gotten a little out of hand.   After a long regulatory process Starr launched their now award winning first product, Summer Love Raspberry Vodka, on August 1, 2016.  Like all good hobbies Starr is a passion play -combining Mike's love of summer, the great outdoors, fresh picked fruit and enjoying cocktail hour(s) with friends. Sometimes the best inspiration is from the past.  Starr Manufacturing Co. (1861-1996) significantly improved & re-engineered ice skates in the 1860-1930 era and played a central role in developing a little known pond game called hockey.  Starr's skates are honoured in Canada's Hockey Hall-of-fame and found in farm houses across the West.  They manufactured 12 million pairs ~ even more astounding coming from a plant powered by a water wheel. From the 1930's on Starr made bolts and pipes.  Now having taken on the family business' name Mike jokes, Skates-Bolts-Booze....two out of three ain't bad. 

Mike remains restless. He and his wife and 2 daughters (8 & 11) will be backpacking through Thailand in March. 

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Twitter: @starrdistilling