Nikki Szakaly

Nikki Szakaly - Deermart Equipment Sales Ltd. in Red Deer County, AB

Nikki grew up on a mixed farm just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Her passion for agriculture came from the success of her parents on their farm at Dalemead, Alberta. She was active in the local 4H community and always involved in the farm operations.

Currently she lives and farms in Red Deer County with her fianc√©. She works as an Agri-Coach through a partnership with Deermart Equipment Sales and Agri-Trend. Nikki just completed her CCA certification and is looking forward to expanding her business over the next few years. She spends most of her time out in the field from spring to fall and travels through the winter months. She works with many local farmers to help them achieve better yields, follow sustainable practices and increase profits through proper agronomy. Currently her focus is on oilseeds, pulses, cereals and the odd specialty crop.  In her spare time she is working on launching a non-profit society, Alberta Women in Ag. She also volunteers with the Olds College Alumni Association.