Candace Ebrey

Candace Ebrey - Chinook Country Tourist Association in Lethbridge, AB

Candace is an avid traveler with a passion for indulging in new experiences, especially if they are off-the-beaten path!  This passion lead her to a job in marketing where she project manages various tourism campaigns that shares hidden secrets, stories and the culture of southern Alberta.  This role seems to be a natural fit as it combines all her loves- travel, food, people and Facebook.  Of course, these are all second place to partner, Viktor and her daughter, Amelie, who will always have the gold medal of her heart. She often takes her family on many adventures and loves watching her daughter’s face when she is experiencing something new for the first time.  It reminds her that she is in the right role as personal connections and creating lifelong memories is what she endeavors to do daily.  It’s a bonus that she can now share these authentic experiences of her own backyard with the world!